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Cuban Paradise

Cuba is an island located in the Caribbean Sea between South America and North America, with an extension of 1500 km, has a sunny weather 330 days a year, the blue sea with an average water temperature of +25 degrees . It has a population of 11 million habitantes.El Cuban people are very friendly, hospitable, their customs and traditions are reflected in the architecture of its colonial constructions thus creating a magic and colonial atmosphere in order to achieve.But for in 14-15 days and have time to enjoy swimming in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, up into the mountains of the niche and swim in the crystal waters of the waterfall and also visit Cienfuegos Havana, Pinar del Rio, Trinidad to see the common life Cuban daily and humble, friendly and hospitable even undamaged turismo.Esto the industry can only be achieved with a local driver-guide. Therefore, we invite you to join us in our tours:

                                                                                 DISCOVER A DIFFERENT CUBA!!!

Cuba - a country where tourism and recreational activities throughout the year are a wonderful blend of exotic and nostalgic, beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, interesting tours linked to the colonial and revolutionary history of the tourists have Cuba.Cuando the opportunity to mingle with the local population, then a miracle occurs .... to make the dream holiday of a lifetime! The private sector has many advantages over hotels. Most important - is the amount of positive emotions and the freedom of choice. We offer private apartments. Where can the person you want, clean linens, air conditioning, swimming pools ..., pay rent on the place of 30-35 euros per day - is much cheaper than in hotels. Lunch and dinner in private homes, are preserved customs and traditions of Spanish, African and French cuisine, which are the foundation of Cuban cuisine. Tasty exotic dishes easy to find in the private sector, where they prepare our.

Driver guide at your disposal 24 hours a day! He is willing to meet their needs throughout the tour. Take the opportunity to tour the island, see Cuba with their own eyes. It is an unforgettable experience! hospitable people of good character, untouched by the tourism industry, the original rum, world famous cocktails and cigars.
We offer our guests tours, which are not included in any tour of the tourism agency Pais.Ofrecemos a unique, interesting and full of love! We can always change the path of travel on cliente.Recomendamos dependence of the interstitial optimal path that allows customers to appreciate the sights of local interest.
The cost of the guide-driver: This price includes accommodation guide-driver.

from7 to10days
from10 to15days

Price(usd) $ 350.00 $ 450.00 Contactar

Our guide-driver will recommend the best sites, not contaminated by the tourism industry. Here you can taste exotic cocktails made with the best Cuban rum (Havana Club) and of course, know the history and production of the best varieties of rum. These cocktails disclosed the tradition of the Cuban people. Culture is based on a mixture of cultures such as African, Spanish, cocktails francesa.Los names: "Mojito, Cuba Libre, Daykiris, Piña Colada, Havana Special" - have become global brands associated not only with exotic drinks the world, but also with our Cuba today.

                                                                                Excurtion and notable attractions of Cuba.

In Havana: The old fort Castillo de la Punta, a monument of architecture of Old Havana, Boulevard del Prado, the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo de la Ciudad de La Habana, Casa-Museo Ernest Hemingway. In the capital of Cuba will find jazz clubs as "The Fox and the Crow", "Jazz Café" and "Irakere Jazz Café," which recently opened in the old "Johnny" S Dreams "in Miramar, the most quiet and luxurious neighborhood of Havana, a new business center, which are the international exhibitions, and other clubs, such as "The One-Eyed Jack" and "Two", and numerous other cabaret and dancing centers.
In the village of Viñales, visit "The Wall of prehistory". Visit" La Cueva del Indio "and a boat trip along the underground river, a visit to snuff at home, where you can learn the process of the best Cuban snuff.
On a tour of the city of Cienfuegos, known as the beautiful city of sea, or as everyone calls it the Pearl of the South, the time of the photo in the center, the Palacio de Valle, Ferrer Palace, Parque Marti Yacht Club, where, after the missile crisis in Cuba was a place of rest for the crews of the submarines of the USSR. Walking along the Prado and the Parc Marti ".
In Trinidad.La city of cobbled streets in the center, La Plaza Mayor, and architecture, apparently, stopped in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and which was announced in 1988 the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Romantic Museum, churches and squares of La Santisima Trinidad, the main attractions, bars tasting "The Canchanchara" which is preparing a drink with rum and miel.En the evening you can enjoy of the beach.




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